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The Original "Real Werewolf Baby".

Whether they appear on television, are shared on the internet, or are carried around public places, WerePups® are continually met with fascinatingly extreme reactions. From pure disgust to complete adoration, it’s clear that this unusual breed of infant strikes a chord with people young and old in a very big way. Often referred to as a combination of both cute and creepy, perhaps the most intriguing comment is the question that pops up daily to WerePup owners around the world: Is that real?

"What do I feed it?"- Alice Cooper

New Vinyl Kits In Stock!


The Brand new “Sleeping Ember” sculpt is here, along with our vinyl Belly Plates, ready to complete your adorable Pups!


Cooper Now Available!

The outstanding horror props and collectibles company, Trick or Treat Studios has taken on the task of breeding official WerePups, making them available to all!  

After years of WerePups only being available as painstakingly handmade pieces by FX artist Asia Eriksen, we have now partnered with Trick or Treat Studios to make these highly sought after little beasts available to a wider audience around the world. Once notoriously difficult to obtain, Cooper is a true WerePup made with Asia Eriksen's original sculpt. Welcome this little monster in to terrorize your home without the annoying wait time! 

Wolfrik Litter


For the latest Pups and handmade Pups for sale, follow us on Instagram @WerePups

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