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Vinyl Kits

This is where you will find the WerePups® reborn doll kits.

All of our vinyl kits are original WerePups sculpts by Asia Eriksen, and are produced in Germany by DollPoint with beautiful quality, phthalate free vinyl.



We are happy to announce our second vinyl WerePups kit, “Sleeping Ember” is now available, as well as our long awaited male and female belly plates (please note that the belly plates feature the artist’s own interpretation of canine-human hybrid genitalia)

robbie kits

Ember Kits


Belly Plates


Heading 1

An important word about authenticity

WerePups brand dolls were truly the first of their kind, and while we celebrate other artists own takes on baby werewolves using their own original and unique designs, there are also blatant knock-offs as well as illegal counterfeit products out there - especially in the form of vinyl kits.

There are currently only two WerePups brand kits: Robbie and Ember.

No other kit on the market is an official WerePups kit. 

Be wary of copied designs, or recastings of already existing kits. These copied vinyl kits are cheaply made using low quality vinyl that contains harmful chemicals, and they are currently very rampant on Amazon, Etsy, EBay, and other sites,


Please protect yourselves and help to protect artists everywhere, not just our own, and do not purchase from websites offering cheap reborn doll kits.


Some red flags that give counterfeit kits away on websites like Amazon and EBay:

- Bad grammar in the descriptions, bad English as well as descriptions such as “gentle touch” “silicone vinyl” (there is no such thing as silicone vinyl, the two materials are mutually exclusive), “easy to root hair”

- dirt cheap pricing - kits listed at fractions of the price they normally sell for from the artists’ or kit dealer websites. With WerePups and any reborn artists’ doll kits, you get what you pay for in the quality of the vinyl.

- WerePups kits with cloth body included, or “choice of cloth body” are all fake, The kits were not produced with cloth bodies, and the counterfeit companies use these to market their stolen merchandise,

The majority of the counterfeit kits are from China, and the reborn doll community is doing everything they can to fight against them. In the meantime - Buy Authentic.


Don’t support ANY stolen designs or ANY cheap counterfeit doll kits, WerePups or others!

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© 2022, Asia Charity Eriksen and Doghead Studios, all rights reserved. WerePups and all related characters are official trademarks of Doghead Studios. 

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