Dr. Baxter's Laboratory

The year is 1956, and Dr. Norman Baxter is creating an unusual form of life...

This is where you will find the WerePups reborn doll kits, as well as the occasional orphaned WerePup for adoption. We will be adding images from our promotional film photoshoot as well as some other Dr. Baxter goodies as well, so stay tuned!

We will kick off the introduction of this page with the pre-sale of "Robbie" the reborn WerePup, for those who have been patiently awaiting his arrival.

Robbie is an original WerePups sculpt by Asia Eriksen. He will be about 18" long when completed. He is limited edition of 650, and comes with a WerePups adoption certificate and signed, numbered COA. 

He can take 22mm eyes, flat backed glass should work well for this kit, however many artists have been using 20mm rounds as well as various other options. 

He is produced in Germany with phtalate free vinyl.

This is our very first venture in Reborn doll kits!

This is a blank, unpainted, unrooted kit (head, full arms and full legs)

IMPORTANT - If you are ordering from outside of the United States, you may now use the same buy it now button as our US customers, and your kit will ship directly from the factory in Germany. Your certificates will arrive separately.

07/03/18 - IN STOCK NOW!

Robbie the WerePup reborn kit is in stock now. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery in the US, as we are currently booked for several shows and appearances throughout July. 

Kits are 140 USD

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