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Frequently Asked Questions


We get a very high volume of inquiries, and do our best to answer everyone's questions.

To help narrow it down, and save you the trouble of waiting, here is a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Are WerePups Real?


No. They are hyper realistic silicone props, dolls and figures designed and created and by creature sculptor Asia Charity Eriksen. They are her original designs representing her own personal take on what a baby werewolf would look like if it were a living creature. 

Do WerePups move on their own?


Not yet. Their movement appears very fluid and lifelike because of their construction, and when you hold them they have a tendency to move along with your body movements. As you get used to holding and carrying your WerePup, you will learn how to hold them in ways that can fool most people into thinking they saw it move. Watch out in the future, however, as we are currently in talks with multiple sources for added animatronics.

What are they made of?


Most WerePups have solid, platinum silicone head, arms and legs on jointed cloth bodies. The silicone is soft and squishy, but not so excessively squishy that legs and arms are limp - you can bend and squish limbs with ease, but they are firm enough to snap back into place. Pocket Pups are made of the same silicone, but are one piece full silicone bodies instead of cloth.

What kind of fur do WerePups have?


ALL KINDS. Synthetic, mohair, faux fur and human are some common ones. A wide variety of different types creating all different textures, lengths and thicknesses. Any kind of hair can be used in the creation of your WerePup, including your own or a pet or loved one's hair. If you aren’t sure what kind of fur you would like, look over the pictures and find out which styles appeal to you. You can also have your Pup specially made with any type of hair that is available out there, so go ahead and make a request. If you still aren't sure, the artist will use whatever will best represent your ideas. NOTE: Although the artist normally will not use pet hair unless specially requested, a few tiny whiskers are often added as a finishing touch by using short, white hairs provided by Baxter, the WerePups rescue dog. Please specify ANY allergies up front, just incase. 

What are soft bodied WerePups filled with?


WerePups bodies contain sacks of glass beads. The sacks are surrounded by polyfill stuffing for a softer feel.

What size clothes can WerePups wear?


18" WerePups fit Preemie diapers and clothing, and can also fit NB onesies (true Newborn, not 0-3 months). WereParents also buy build-a-bear clothes for their Pups, and report a perfect fit as well. You have to do some searching for PocketPup clothing, but they are out there - do searches for "OOAK baby clothes" on ebay and you will find everything from diapers to dresses. We like WoobyBabies clothes for our 7" silicone babies. 

Can I buy a blank WerePup kit to reborn?


Yes! You can now go to the "Vinyl” section of this website and order a blank vinyl WerePups reborn kit to work on yourself!

My son/daughter wants a WerePup, are they safe for children?


WerePups are not intended as toys for small children. They are high end prop collectibles, and are meant to be displayed and handled with care. Although silicone is a highly tough and durable material, rough and careless handling will affect the look of your WerePup over time, like any dolly or stuffed animal that takes on rough handling by little hands. If you have a soft bodied silicone baby, they are not meant to be yanked by limbs, head, or receive any other excessive amount of stress on any of the joints that connect them onto the body. That being said, many children do have WerePups and enjoy them very much. In the end, it is up to the parent to decide whether or not their child is responsible enough to own this type of collectible. The basic rule is – handle the WerePup as you would a real newborn baby, and they will remain in beautiful condition. As an alternative, the “Pocket Pups” are a smaller, less expensive alternative and can handle more play because, instead of separate limbs attached to the cloth body, these little guys are one full piece of solid silicone. They are an excellent choice for parents who aren’t quite sure if their little ones are prepared to take care of a lifesize WerePup.

Why is the wait so long on the WerePups?


It takes a few weeks to create each WerePup from start to finish, from the silicone rubber pouring to the hand rooting of the fur. They are all made on commission by hand by artist Asia Eriksen, and she is almost always booked up 8-10 months in advance - a few orders quickly turns into a few months of work. With handmade items, it is also very difficult to know an exact completion date - every custom order is unique, and a small difference can cause a big change in the time it will take to complete it, not to mention fluxuating wait times on material shipments such as custom eyes and furs. We cannot stress enough how important it is to be absolutely certain that you can stand the wait and the possibility of delays before you commit to an order. 

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