Your WerePups, Your Design.


Basically, it's all up to you.

Each WerePup is different, and when you adopt a custom WerePup and make it your own, you essentially work with the artist on a unique design tailored to your requests. Certain color combinations are popular for their natural look, others are more wild and fantastic, some are more dog than wolf, others haven't been dreamed up yet. Your special design could be a contribution to the WerePups timeline - the sculpts are a blank canvas for you to paint on with your imagination, and we look forward to helping you bring your visions to life.

The WereKitties are a brand new addition, and have all of the same features and add ons as the "WerePups From The Lab," except they are feline and has long and thin, cat-like limbs.


The eyes are larger, at 18mm, and will be slit pupil unless otherwise requested.


Wild cat colors can be requested, such as puma, cheetah, lion, etc

Pocket Pups are a miniature version of WerePups from the lab. Their main difference is that they are made of one solid silicone piece instead of having separate body parts attached to a cloth body. This means that these pups are anatomically correct and look just as realistic without clothing, but do not have the same realistic movement that their cloth bodied larger brethren have.


Pocket Pups are made of the same soft silicone used with all WerePups.



Often mistaken for real babies or puppies, these are the life size prop WerePups with hand rooted fur and soft skin. The Toby, Ezra, Fiona, and Little Pete sculpts are all WerePups from the Lab. 

There are two different sets of limbs, one is the default set for Fiona, the other is the default set for all other Pups. The feet are the main difference.


Fiona's feet have spread toes (left), and the others have curled toes (right). The hands on Fiona differ slightly as well, as can be seen in photos in the galleries.


The limbs can be swapped for any sculpt.

WerePups From the Lab have cloth, jointed bodies that are weighted with polypellets.


Their construction and weight causes them to be "floppy" like a newborn baby - the head, for instance, will drop back if not supported - and people are often surprised at how realistically the Pups replicate the feeling of holding an actual human infant.

WerePups From The Lab


Fully customized 18" hyper realistic silicone werewolf baby props.

Each comes clothed and diapered with  blanket, Adoption Certificate

and signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Tiny fangs can be added, made of silicone placed just under the lip, like canines protruding.

A magnet can be implanted into the mouth for use with a magnetic pacifier. A magnetic pacifier is a regular baby pacifier or dummy, modified so that the nipple is removed and a felt-covered magnet is in its place. When placed on the mouth of the doll with a magnet implant, the doll appears to be using a pacifier.

The Pups come with acrylic animal eyes (left), which are now being hand painted to request. They can be upgraded to glass taxidermy eyes (right), which are extremely lifelike, competition grade animal eyes used by taxidermists.


In addition, any kind of eyes can be requested or provided, as long as they are 16mm sized eyes.

A tail can be added upon request, these are made of faux fur and stitched onto the body. Many prefer tailless Pups, however, because of the need to modify clothes to accommodate a tail. 

WerePups are sometimes made to look like a family member or beloved pet.


Skin, fur and eye colors/markings can be matched if we are provided with photographs of the loved one. As many photographs as possible from different angles is preferred, but if they are unavailable, the artist can work from detailed descriptions. 


Another way WerePups can honor a pet or human, is having the custom Pup fully or partially rooted with some of their actual hair or fur.


This service is offered at no extra charge.


$150 - $300

Fully custom 5" or 7" hyper realistic, full bodied silicone werewolf babies.

Each comes with an Adoption Certificate and Certificate of Authenticity.

Pocket Pups


Fully custom 20" hyper realistic silicone werecat baby props.

Each comes clothed and diapered with a blanket, Adoption Certificate

and signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


7" WerePups have open mouths and can take a bottle.

Both sizes - 7" (left) and 5" (right) can be customized in nearly all of the same ways that a regular WerePup can, with the addition of tummy spots.

WereKitty paws are very different from those of the WerePups, and sculpted with the cat lovers in mind.

Big WerePups From The Lab


Fully customized 25" hyper realistic silicone werewolf baby props.

Each comes clothed and diapered with  blanket, Adoption Certificate

and signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Moses and Lolita are the biggest WerePups yet! Both have hard resin claws and teeth inserted for the most realistic feel possible (nothing like soft puppy paws with scratchy little nails!). Moses has an open mouth that can take a real pacifier and bottle, and both come with competition grade taxidermy eyes, or any others requested.


An anatomically correct boy or girl silicone body can be added to these two WerePups, making Moses and Lolita our most realistic Werewolf babies yet.


With full bodies, these pups are still fully jointed, and even keep newborn "floppiness" in the arms, legs and head. 

Closed For Customs

We are currently closed for custom orders due to the high demand, as well as unforseen circumstances that set us back during 2015-16. Thank you for being patient with us through Anders' accident as well as the workshop fire from last year. The way that our Pack members stood by us during recovery has meant the world to us, and we cannot thank you enough. We are currently down to the final remaining backorders, and will be finishing those through the end of 2017. We apologize for the extreme inconvenience, and look forward to the new year, as we will re-open with pre-made WerePups once backorders are taken care of, and take time to focus on the upcoming WerePups children's book, reborn kits, and film production. If you are still looking for customs, don't worry - we will open customs again.

Until then, there will be a few options. The WerePups reborn kits will be available for purchase, as well as the occasional orphaned Pup in the nursery.

Thank you again for your patience and kindness through this journey.

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