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What Is It?

WerePups are baby werewolves, or werewolf puppies. Their unique designs were created and sculpted by WerePups founder and special FX artist Asia Charity Eriksen, and they are her own personal take on how an infant lycanthrope would appear if they were real creatures.

"When people ask if WerePups are real,

it's incredibly rewarding.

Just to think that, if only for a moment, I somehow made somebody believe in an impossible creature."

- Asia Eriksen

The hyper realistic WerePups are completely hand made. Each baby is hand painted, detailed, and the fur hand rooted over a period of weeks by the artist herself. Every WerePup recieves special care while it is in the lab, as each is unique and specially detailed to the new owner's specifications.

You can read more about Asia and her work by clicking on the link below.

The idea of WerePups came from a childhood dream

to make these fantasy creatures as lifelike as possible.

The artist is committed to giving werewolves a natural and scientific appearance, as well as a realistic feel that will allow their owners to come as close as possible to holding an actual werewolf baby. 

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© 2022, Asia Charity Eriksen and Doghead Studios, all rights reserved. WerePups and all related characters are official trademarks of Doghead Studios. 

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