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2017 updates

Lots of new stuff on the way! The WerePups reborn kits have finally arrived and will be up for sale in the new "Lab" section of the website. As many of you know, we have been closed to custom orders for some time, recovering from two very difficult years, and catching up with long overdue orders. As our Anders made a full recovery from his accident, a fire in the workshop stole most of 2016 away from us. With support and kindness from our friends, family and Pack, we rebuilt bigger and better. Asia Eriksen has recently completed and sent home our 300th WerePup.

As we worked through backorders in 2017, things progressed with the various other projects related to WerePups. All of the WerePups limbs got a massive upgrade. New limbs have the same styles as the original, but with much better detail. We spent early April in Denmark, doing a promotional photoshoot with the real Dr. Baxter (played by the outstandingly talented Danish actor, Anders Hove) The WerePups children's book is also nearing completion, and the reborn dolls have finally been released. We have upgraded things a bit, including new shipping boxes, the new limbs, and we will have a few things that we are able to stock. The WerePups fetus in a jar is a fun little prelude to Dr. Baxter's big screen debut.

We understand that some are disappointed that we have not been accepting new custom orders, however we must take this step to move forward, eliminate the long turnaround times after a long bout of setbacks and high demand, and focus on completion of the books and film in the works. We will open for customs again in the future, but until then there will be other options for those who want a WerePup. With the release of the reborn kits, you will now have the option to purchase a vinyl kit and have it reborned by some other amazing artists out there in the reborn doll community. We will occasionally have pre-made silicone WerePups for sale in the lab - if an order is cancelled, the finished baby will be available for adoption. Once all backorders are completed, we will have pre-made, ready to ship Pups more regularly available each month.

We are finally down to our final backorders, long overdue WerePups finally united with their new parents and will continue to leave the lab through the end of the year. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who was patient and kind, and those who stuck by us through some intense hardships. In all of our times working, we have never known a bigger group of outstanding, generous and understanding people, and we could never have come this far without you.

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