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Puppy Love

New life, new adventures, new creations!

We ended the year 2021 with a most amazing adventure - the birth of our beautiful, desperately longed for and much awaited son, Lars Wolfred.

Along with the birth of Lars, we have had plenty of other exciting adventures and news just waiting to spill out…

After so many years of hand making WerePups, falling behind, and being unable to keep up with supply and demand,

Officially licensed WerePups are now available from Trick or Treat Studios! If you haven’t checked out Cooper out take a look at him over at !

Cooper is my original sculpt and I am extremely proud to be able to work alongside such an awesome horror collectibles company to make WerePups more readily available to the masses.

Our second Official WerePups reborn kit is now in-house and will be opening for sale and shipping this month. Not only is “Sleeping Ember” our first sleeping WerePups sculpt, but we are releasing an additional treat - male and female belly plates. Stay tuned as we update the website and prepare for orders.

My beautiful daughter, Ember (who lent her name to the new WerePups kit) is now employed as a full time team-member packing and shipping kits, so with that much-needed addition we can offer faster service.

For the past few months, my husband Anders and I have been working day and night on a feature length film called “Subspecies V: Bloodrise” which is a prequel to one of my favorite childhood vampire movies by Full Moon films. It stars the great Anders Hove as Radu Vladislas and is written and directed by none other than Ted Nicolaou, who happens to be a longtime hero of mine. I am sculpting and building plenty of creatures and props for this film and I am so proud to be a part of it.

I have plenty of new creatures on the way and already roaming…some will be offered as handmade, some will be made into kits. Foxes and Dragon Pups have been some of the most fun these days - You can see some of the critters I post on Instagram @asiaeriksen @werepups and now TikTok (though I am horrid at social media, I am trying new things and figuring it out) @asiacharityeriksen @werepups

Ready to Ship WerePups have been and will occasionally be offered for sale on Instagram or Facebook, I try to post them up as soon as I can when I have one available, and then I remove the listing when it is claimed to avoid confusion. Unfortunately it usually goes quite fast and a lot of people who have been wanting one miss the post. I am looking into ways to get them to those who have been looking for WerePups a long time but missed the chance. Remember that these are ready to ship only, not customs.

I still have a few old custom orders to get through, but we are almost there and anyone waiting for an outstanding order will have WerePup or deposit refund in hand by October.

A lot of people have asked for customs but unfortunately custom orders will likely never be re-opened like they once were - it simply doesn’t work for me, I get overwhelmed and behind and that’s just the reality of things. I can only create these things correctly when I am inspired and that good energy is flowing, and I can’t keep a deadline to save my soul (which likely is not going to improve any with a toddler underfoot!) The good news is that I will open an extremely limited amount of them and take them on a case-by-case basis. So there will be opportunities coming, it just won’t be open the way it was before.

I think I’ve covered most things for now, more on the way!



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