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We are excited to be back!

On the day that I finally was able to make my childhood dream toy a reality, never in a million years would I have imagined how many other people would want the same thing. From trial and error, beginnings as latex rubber toys with sculpted fur to different types of silicone and what they are today, I had no idea that I would spend the majority of my days hand-punching fur, trying (and failing) to keep up with supply and demand. Here we are, however, and after spending the last several years catching up on backorders, figuring out what I can do - as one person - to fulfil the demand for WerePups everywhere without digging myself into another hole of orders, we have finally been able to partner with a company that will be able to take on the difficult task of breeding these little monsters to be widely available for all. No wait time, fresh out the box...the outstanding horror prop collectibles company, Trick or Treat Studios has been working with us for the past year to make WerePups a bigger reality. I can't describe how happy I have been about this - to me it is finally coming full circle.

With that, friends, I must apologize for my own absence on social media. There is no easy way to talk about mental health, but fortunately one good thing about social media is making the world seem a bit smaller and people feel less alone. Like so many others, I have struggled with anxiety and bipolar disorder my entire life. My reaction, without fail, is to withdraw when depression hits, or whatever life throws my way. It isn't right, but it's what happens, and its the form my illness has taken ever since I was a child. It upsets family members, friends, and nowadays customers, and rightfully so. When it happens, I need to unplug, keep my head down, and continue working alone. Unplugging to me is a form of self-soothing, meditation and it's an extremely hard habit navigate in a world where each new platform is a grand stage and it is now considered abnormal not to be available 24/7. It is an even harder habit to break. Unfortunately, 2019 spiraled into one of my worst absences after we lost my sister, Karen.

As wonderful a tool as social media is, I have grappled with an inability to fully embrace it. At my best, I enjoy it, at my worst, I feel overwhelmed. Moving forward, as I finally round the corner with backorders and head to re-opening, I need to take this into consideration. A big part of that will be to only sell ready-made WerePups. I know many folks have been asking about custom orders but, at least for now, this will be for the best.

This summer, as we reopen, we will only be offering ready to ship WerePups for sale. Custom orders may open again in the future, but for now will only be available to the members of the Official WerePups Pack on a case by case basis.

For those who love them, but aren't dead set on having one hand made by me, Trick or Treat Studios will be releasing officially licensed WerePups later in the year, so be sure to follow them on all platforms to keep up with news.

Robbie Kits are now in an open edition, available at:

A new WerePups vinyl kit will be available later this year, we will announce it here when prototypes are ready.

Several new WerePups sculpts will open up later in the year and become available as ready made Pups.

I hope everyone is staying safe, and I apologize again for my absence.

All the best,



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